Mold Remediation

Arvada Mold Removal

Mold can be one of the most noxious effects of water damage, especially if left untreated over a long period. Most mold can be dealt with locally using over the counter cleaning agents, but advanced colonies may grow beneath the surface of areas where it is readily evident. In Arvada, our clients mostly find mold growing in places where humidity is high:

  • Basement corners
  • Moisture-prone walls
  • Unventilated bathrooms
  • Washrooms with improper draining

What is Mold?

Mold is the common term for fungi that invade our homes and businesses. While mold spores are actually present on nearly all surfaces, they don’t grow unless a constant source of moisture is present. When exposed to stagnant water, mold will produce structures that emit health-compromising compounds that can seriously undermine health. Mold toxins can be allergy inducing for many people and in the case of children, the elderly, asthmatics or the immune compromised, mold can even be lethal. For this reason, keeping your space dry and clean will prevent the growth of molds. Some of the most common molds include:

- Acremonium
- Aspergillus
- Cladosporium
- Fusarium
- Mucor
- Penicillium
- Rhizopus
- Stachybotrys
- Trichoderma
- Alternaria

Arvada Mold Removal:

When facing mold infestation, you can trust the trained specialists at Arvada Water Damage to thoroughly remove all traces of growth and to take measures to prevent future growth.

-Lab detection of spores and identification of infected areas
-Quarantine of mold and protection of unaffected areas
-Mold Removal
-Disposal of infected elements
-Safe sterilization

The Arvada Difference

A job well done at a price that doesn’t break the bank is our goal for your project and we don’t rest until it’s done! Unlike other companies that may use subcontracted labor or uninsured workers, at Arvada Water Damage we take pride in training each technician that arrives at your home. We treat your home like our own and will follow up afterward with mold detection equipment to ensure you won’t have problems with growth in the future.

Trust Arvada Water Damage with your mold remediation project. Call us today at (720) 443-4056 for a free estimate or for 24/7 service.