Fire Damage

Arvada Fire Damage

When the unthinkable happens and the emergency Arvada fire crews have left, it’s time to go to work! Call the help at Arvada Fire Damage for a comprehensive solution that will leave you breathing easy. Arvada’s fire crews are industry certified by the IICR, bringing years of fire restoration experience in Colorado and the latest in smoke mitigation zonation, protein residue removal technology and content management strategies to protect your precious valuables.

When it comes to picking a restoration company, you should only put your faith in company employees. Many Colorado companies use subcontracted laborers that are not only undercompensated, but arrive at your site without licensure, bond or even insurance. This is an enormous risk to you and your home insurance may not protect you in the event of lawsuit if you pick one of these dubious alternatives to a safe, reliable fire restoration company like Arvada Fire Damage.

What can Arvada Fire Damage do for me?

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is stressful enough. Choosing a fire restoration company shouldn’t be! When you call our 24/7 rapid response teams, we’ll arrive with an experienced team of restoration professionals to quickly mitigate damages from your Arvada house or business fire. Our services break down into a few areas:


When we arrive at your Arvada home or commercial property, we’ll take a detailed inventory of damages for claim purposes and determine which items and structural elements can be cost effectively restored and those that should be replaced.


Smoke, soot and ash are all mobile forms of damage and uncontained, may cause further damage and added expense. We’ll seal off damaged areas so you can continue using the undamaged sections of your property while we work.

Arvada Fire Damage Professionals can help you with your restoration project today. Call us at (720) 443-4056 today.


When a house fire involves the burning down of protective elements (roofing, walls or insulation), the environment, vandalism and unwanted critters can all take their toll on your property, further complicating the restoration process. We’ll take care to board up exposed areas and protect your business or home from being compromised by these elements.


You may be surprised to know that smoke is one of the most pervasive forms of damage after flames themselves. Smoke carries particulate matter and residues that can sneak in between walls, ducts, around plumbing and into attics easily. Uncleaned, the lingering smell of smoke may stick around indefinitely. That’s why our trained smoke removal experts at Arvada Fire Damage will route out all sources of smoke odors and clean soot and ash from places that may be hard to reach on your own.


Many seemingly unsalvageable items damaged during a fire may in fact be completely restorable. Our fire damage crews have equipment and cleaning chemistry that can altogether remove traces of heat warping, discoloration, charring and smoke odors. For your most valuable possessions, let us go to working bringing your home, business and everything in it back to pre-loss condition or better!


Don’t trust a company that just takes your money and runs! We’ll keep coming back to make sure the job is done and that you’re completely satisfied by your total fire restoration.

If you’re struggling with the aftermath of a devastating house or business fire, our 24/7 response teams can make your fire damage seem like it never happened.
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